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At EZ Rider Lawn Service Inc. we’re specialists in the care of beautiful lawns and pleasing landscaping for both your home and office. We have a comprehensive knowledge of plants, lawn products, and maintenance strategies, and we can help you keep a healthy yard year-round without using harmfulchemicals.


Regular Maintenance


Every property needs regular care, and our maintenance programs for homes, apartments, high rise buildings, office buildings, and retail establishments are geared to your specific needs.

From regular lawn care maintenance to landscape design and project management, we handle it all! Our services meet your year-long needs to keep your lawn and yard looking its best through all the seasons.



Lawn Mowing Manalapan NJ


A lush, beautifully maintained lawn is the focal point of your property, and adds immensely to the beauty of your home.  At Ez Rider Services, we make sure that your lawn is perfectly trimmed, neatly manicured, and retains the lush green softness all year round that is the hallmark of a beautiful lawn. 


Our services are backed by years of solid experience in the lawn care business, and extend all the way from spring clean ups to leaf removal in the fall.  We undertake removal of debris from concrete areas, edging of driveways, and other lawn care services.


Our weekly lawn mowing service schedule is designed to provide maximum care to your lawn, week after week. We turn up at your doorstep with all necessary equipment regularly, on the same appointed day every week, with exceptions for unforeseeable rain delays or holidays.




Our weekly services include:



A lawn that is regularly and adequately mowed promotes healthy grass growth. Regular cutting of your lawn/ grass also leads to a deepening of the roots, which in turn, promotes the growth of a healthy, verdant lawn. With our regular lawn mowing service, your lawn will gradually begin to discourage the growth of undesirable weeds, and will develop immunity to disease.

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Regular care of your lawn includes not only mowing, but also edging, watering and fertilizing of the lawn. Edging is an optional procedure, but it gives the lawn a trimmed and manicured look.


 Your lawn also needs regular watering to help it maintain that springy quality. More watering may be needed during dry weather than other parts of the year. The amount of water your lawn needs will depend of the type of soil you have.


Regular fertilizing of your lawn keeps the grass healthy, and green, and staves off disease. A combination of nitrogen, potassium and sodium is used as a fertilizing mix.

Why Your Lawn Needs Regular Care

There are any number of reasons why proper lawn care is so essential. A well maintained lawn invites you to play on it, walk barefoot on it, and simply enjoy its beauty. It also adds to the noise insulating properties of your house, and prevents erosion of top soil. Over time, your lush lawn will eliminate pesky insects from your house. A beautiful, expansive lawn is an eye catching feature, and can provide a soft and injury-proof play space for kids. If you need more reasons to take regular care of your lawn, consider this a beautiful stretch of lawn on your property can lead to an increase of up to 15 percent of your home value!

We proudly use equipment from Toro, Exmark, Redmax, Echo and Shindaiwa to name a few.

Services include:


Snow plowing



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