EZ Rider can maintain any size lawn, while keeping in mind your budget.

Our Services include:

      • FERTILIZATION – Regular applications of fertilizer throughout the growing season builds turf density and keeps weeds from taking over.


      • THATCHING- Spring and fall are the perfect time to give your lawn some priming. Thatching is best done in early spring, before the height of the growing season kicks in. Lawns develop a layer of thatch that sits on top of the soil which can cause the roots to separate from the soil, preventing water and fertilizer to penetrate. This could eventually cause the grass to dry out, discolor and die.


      • AERATION – Aeration is best done in the fall, to mend any damaged caused by mowing and harsh sun conditions. Aerating the lawn increases moisture penetration, enhances oxygen levels in the lawn, reduces soil compaction, allows the seed to sit in the ground itself to minimize loss of seed due to rainy conditions and hungry critters and increases the penetration of fertilizers.


      • SEEDING




      • MULCHING






        • WEEDING




Regular Maintenance:

  • Every property needs regular care, and our maintenance programs for homes, apartments, high rise buildings, office buildings, and retail establishments are geared to your specific needs.

    From regular lawn care maintenance to landscape design and project management, we handle it all! Our services meet your year-long needs to keep your lawn and yard looking its best through all the seasons.



Why EZ Rider?

  • We're not happy unless you're happy
  • Our pride comes from the excellence we bring to your homes
  • We're dependable, reliable, professional and courteous
  • Best prices in New Jersey!
  • Licensed, bonded and fully insured
  • Family owned and operated




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